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One of the things we at GAJO Games focus on is offering a large, multi-player Mega-Game on the fourth Saturday of each month. We aim for a fun but interesting situation, involving a large number of nicely painted figures, on custom terrain. Each Mega-Game generally uses a rules set popular with the store's player population, in a customized scenario tailored to that rules set.

We try to advance schedule the games so players can plan forces they might want to build and run. Although some of the games will have all of the forces provided, for many games we encourage players to build and run their own forces. To assist in planning, here is a listing of upcoming games, denoting the forces you can build if you'd like.









            Forces to Build            

June 9, 2018
Flames of War v4
Craig Tyrrell
15mm US, Vietnamese & ARVN forces
June 23, 2018
Last Battle of the Marne, 1918
Square Bashing
Craig Tyrrell
15mm 1918 German, British, US & French forces
July 28, 2018
No Mega Game
August 25, 2018
First Battle of Tapae, 87AD
Hail Caesar
Craig Tyrrell
28mm Roman, Dacian and Sarmatian forces
September 22, 2018
Golan Heights, 1967
Team Yankee
Craig Tyrrell
15mm Israeli & Syrian forces
October 27, 2018
Annual Holloween Game
In Her Majesty's Name
Chris Chambers
Forces Provided
November 24, 2018
Tanksgiving - Ponyri Station, 1943
Flames of War
Craig Tyrrell
15mm Soviet and German Mid-War forces
December 22, 2018
Battle for Fornost
GW War of the Ring
Craig Tyrrell
GW Angmar, Gondor and Shire forces
January 26, 2019
Newtown, 1779
Black Powder
Craig Tyrrell
28mm British / Indian and American forces
February 23, 2019
Kuban, 1943
Flames of War
Craig Tyrrell
15mm German, Russian & Romanian forces
March 23, 2019
Borodino, 1812
Black Powder
Craig Tyrrell
28mm Russian, French & Allied forces
April 27, 2019
Kasserine Pass, 1942
Flames of War
Craig Tyrrell
15mm US, German and Italian forces
May 25, 2019
Delium 424BC
Hail Caesar
Craig Tyrrell
28mm Hoplite forces
June 8, 2019
D-Day, 1944
Flames of War v4
Craig Tyrrell
15mm US, British & German forces

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